Saturday, January 20, 2007


Viva La Musica

Summer in Santiago is the time for music, and this week was the Providencia Jazz Festival. Taking place on both sides of the river running through town (more of a open drain really) in the Parque de la Esculptura, the festival was 3 nights of latino and internacional jazz. Wednesday night was Al DiMeola playing the kind of extruciating stuff that just makes me nervous more than anything, I couldnt take it for more than 30 minutes and left, good thing I got the free seats on the law. Friday night was Tube Factory from Finland (it felt like being in an airport for an hour) followed by John Scofield, who actually knows whatsgoing on. He played a nice set with his guitar led trio, picking up the energylevels after the somnolent opening act. Its a bit funny to think I saw Scofield for the first time here in Chile, since he's played at festivals I've been to a few times in the US and comes through DC often enough. Some kinds of music are condusive to large scale concerts in the park, jazz I'm afraid, does not count among them. Perhaps it would've been a better idea to go see the Guns n Roses coverband playing way out of town instead.

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