Tuesday, August 29, 2006


here i go again on my own...

so here's my plan:
on sept 29th i'm flying to Quito, Ecuador for 6 weeks taking classes at
the vida verde spanish center. Hopefully my spanish will be good enough for me to make may way through Peru, Bolivia, and nothern Chile without too much adoo. When i get to Santiago, I have an internship with amnesty international's office in there starting in january; i'm not entirely sure what i'll be doing on a day to day basis, but right now i'm hoping i can do something involving documentary photography. So, i'll be in Chile till june/july, and after that, who knows?...email me your address if i don't already have it and i'll send a postcard or if you want a penpal...i won't have a permanent adress to recieve mail at until january but i can recieve keyboard-mail and reply in pen-format.

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